I recently received an email notice that a one “ikeiaconis” had subscribed to my blog.

Like any other blogger who writes for the satisfaction of her readers, I was flattered- and like always, I ventured over to his site to respond in kind. Once on the page, I began to reader a telling story of defeat and triumph, with the savior being none other than PROJECT A.W.O.L. Intrigued by the “reversing of the young man’s fortune,” I read on.

As I did so, I came upon a one Kameron something or another who stood on a video with his friend DREW, and preached to us nit wits about how he spent 36,000 dollars to learn web marketing only to fail and then dump another 20,000 dollars into a mentor who showed him a better way thus making him RICH at the age of 24.

To tell you that I wasn’t initially sold on this idea of leaving the bounds of everyday life where hand to mouth is a reality and money ALWAYS felt short of time–would be an outright lie. I even went so far as to click on the link to pay 25 dollars just to get a glimpse of “what he marketed” that would make me the money to bring me financial freedom.

Just as I was about to enter my CC# a little voice said “due diligence.”

As much as I was convinced and ready to work hard and earn the money I so deserved, the least I could do was read the “Fine Print.”

I owe a HUGE debt of GRATITUDE to PROJECT A.W.O.L EMPOWERMENT for the portion of the fine print says something to the effect of “If you make any statement against this company, if you fail to stop someone from talking bad about this company, we will sue you for $5,000 because the damages are immeasurable but the sum above will square the losses.”

I don’t have an MBA nor do I possess a J.D. (Juris Doctorate). I am however in possession of the constitutional right, as a US citizen, of the 1st Amendment which gives me the right to speak freely and some Consumer rights which allow me to complain openly about a company who doesn’t live up to their marketed promises.

Any person or Entity or Person who dares to take my money and tell me that they will sue me if I complain would not receive a dime from me.

Besides the fact the more research of this company revealed it’s true identity and its true agenda.

They exist as a syndicate, solely for the intention to take from you to keep for themselves. Their promise of marketing tools and process are nothing more than a sleazy ploy to have you PAY

$25 monthly ONLY to have you perpetuate the lie by re-marketing the same EMAIL that suckered you IN in the first PLACE. THAT’S RIGHT they have NO BUSINESS but the business of SCAMMING YOU.

The even involve the likes of fellow bloggers such as ELIWRITES to partake is this lie fest where they when over your confidence through reassuring FAQs from others. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE JAILED.

MORAL IS: Save your money for a trip to the grocery store, gas fare, a bill, or even to encase it on the wall in your front room. What ever you do. DON’T BE SCAMMED BY A.W.O.L (Another WEB of LIES).

Life is good when you CAN handle