Youth should NOT live in AMERICA with the level of FEAR one may face in the MIDDLE EAST. DO SOMETHING!

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I am exasperated with the prospect of Black on Black violence in the country and that so much of it is concentrated in the South side of Chicago. These young men lack any disregard for human life and have continued to wage war against each other leaving the victims often dead and their families and communities in a constant state of fear and trauma that no child or adult should have to experience to that degree in the great country of the USA. The time is now for the federal government to intervene and take back that portion of Chicago so that the citizens will be able to coexists peacefully and the children will have a shot at a normal life. No longer can we afford to sit back and watch nothing happen but more killings. At some point we become enablers of the atrocities as we watch from afar and offer no help to alleviate the pains of the innocent poor who are essentially prisoners of the communities in which they are forced to live, work, pray, eat, and play. Ask Mr. President to use his executive power to wage a war on the terrorists who continue to snatch the lives of our youth and commit genocide to the African-American population in Chicago. We owe it to our fellow citizens to fight for their lives!

As we struggle with the racist system to combat unlawful and senseless murder of Trayvon Martin, 8 people were slaughtered during the July 4th weekend in Chicago’s Southside. We know that there is work to be done so please SIGN THE PETITION!

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