Recently, I happened upon a random blog post entitled,

“It’s Time For Bill Cosby to Stop Giving Black Folk Condescending Advice.”

The article including a very unflattering photo of Mr. Cosby which made him appear to be angry and obnoxious. Being a fan of Mr. Cosby, his body of work and his achievements for at least 20 years, I felt obligated to see what the content of the article entailed. Upon reading just a few short sentences, I was able to ascertain a few facts about the post. The author was of African American persuasion and she was definitely not a fan of Mr. Cosby.

As I continued and eventually finished to post. I was not very happy with the way he was portrayed. After all, the author had stated that he was always telling black people what to do and judging them while not holding responsible, the TRUE CULPRIT of the African American condition-The US Government and its policies.


To credit the Author, she has served on Capitol Hill as an aid of several officials, which may indicate that her opinion on this topic is fairly an informed one. She is an otherwise intelligent woman who share the sentiment the most intelligent Blacks have about their fellow brethren, we need a change.

Where she and I are completed divided, is how this change should be exacted. You see I am a firm believer in Mr. Cosby’s philosophy about the African American condition. Here is a clip from “Meet the Press”

Not that I don’t doubt that we live in a society where systemic and institutional racism affect the lives of our youth in more ways that one. However, as my mother used to put it “When you know better, you do better.” I know better. Mr. Cosby has been vilified by the same community in which he invested ample time, money, and energy in to fix. All because he maintains a Tough Love approach to acknowledging our shortcomings. All the while rappers, who have played an intregal role is the shaping of the black youth mindset, are let off the hook daily. The author wasn’t ready to admit that Dr. Dre who marketing 300 Beats headphones to poor and working class families had done almost nothing to contribute to holistically and intellectually improving upon the condition our community at large.

We hail Beyoncé as a queen because she flaunts her half naked body (beautiful no less) all over the globe singing lyrics that little to build the self esteem of a little ghetto black girl who looks nothing like her.

The truth is, this author is copping out. Of all the great news to report about Mr. Cosby; such as his donation in 1988 to Spellman College in the amount of 20,000,000.00- the largest ever in history by a private person. Or that he received his Ed. Doctorate from Amherst University in 1977 despite pursuing work in the industry. This is not to paint Bill Cosby as the best thing since sliced bread. This is to simply challenge people such as this author to earnestly assess the present condition of Black folk and draw a conclusion based on the mentality, characteristics, habits, and so forth, of who really BARES THE BURDEN OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN CONDITION. I can guarantee that one would not attribute their ghetto tendencies to the “Cosby Show” rather it is easier to recognize large chunks of popular culture behavior in said condition.

Just a random thought not expected for it to be written into law. 🙂