Picture this:

A black neighborhood watchman who had a history of violence and had called in several non emergency reports of suspicious activity, on only white men in his neighborhood although some were actual residences.

One rainy night he sees a young poor white trash teenager wearing a hoodie (the teen has been suspended from school for possessing meth/weed and fighting constantly) talking on his cellphone to a childhood friend as he walked home from the store with skittles and a  can of tea. He immediately calls it in to the NON emergency line and was told by the dispatcher to hang back as a police unit will arrive shortly.


When asked for his street address, the watchman stated that he did not want to give out his address as he was afraid that the teenager would hear him (but if in fact the watchman was supposed to stop following the teenager, how would that be possible) He proceeds to follow the young white boy and never reveals who he is. A struggle ensues and the young boy is killed. The Black watchman claims self defense on the grounds that the boy confronted and attacked him by ramming his head to the concrete and punching him in the face over 25 times. Though the watchman’s injuries were not consistent with such claims as he was initially treated for minor scrapes and bruises and refused to be transported at a local hospital for further. Pictures from the police station illustrate that once cleaned up, the injuries were nearly not visible at all. WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF THIS WATCHMAN?
 Were he a horse of a different color the watchman would have been prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, and NO race people would have supported him in his preposterous claims!

The attempts to squelch the truth that this is a race related matter is only to undermine the basic principle on which the premise of the case is based. Justice is supposedly blind but people of color are not. What is both evident and appalling is that a group of people have decided that the socio-economic status of a kid is the chief deciding factor of whether his death was right or wrong and rather his MURDER should walk free.

Please remember that we all have children who are not perfect and who will make mistakes. Given the former; does the latter unequivocally mean that they should meet an  untimely and unjust death? Stop silencing the race issue if a resolution us what you truly seek!