Are you kidding me??? Americans are actually petitioning for this TRAITOR to be pardoned because they feel that his decisions to ALERT AMERICAN citizens that they were being monitored were “heroic?”

Yet these people have not taken into account that the SAME man has sold highly sensitive information, to the detriment of OUR COUNTRY to the Chinese.

Allow me to elaborate:

Point 1: George BUSH told us 12 years ago that we were being monitored (no secret there).

Point 2: If as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, living in 2013, you had absolutely NO CLUE that your web traffic was being monitored(to some degree) BY THE GOVERNMENT, I strongly suggest that you GO BACK under the ROCK from whence you came.

More importantly, if you share the sentiment that it was A O-K for this IDIOT to relinquish classified information to one of the most COMMUNIST regimes (axis power) in the world and possibly endanger an entire democracy in the name of “the public should know” nonsense, you have seriously got several wires crossed.


A TRAITOR is not defined by his intentions but his actions which are 100% contrary to the agenda of his country and the safety of its citizens.

This man is (admittedly) guilty of both. Yet we regard him as a HERO. How twisted?