Why o why did you apologize for the way you live and the things you say.

yaaallll pleeeease forgive me yaaaalllll

I simply do not understand. If Blacks, Jews, or Gays, don’t get your antebellum juices flowing, then be a Proud Bigot not a Begging one. Just don’t expect to make any revenue from those demographics.

You see, all is fair in Capitalism and Racism. 

What is most offensive is not that you lead this totally alternative lifestyle beyond the veil of your prim and proper southern brand-rather when the veil is removed, you run for cover.

For once in my life can I have a Rich, White, Racist actually commit Racism and BE PROUD of it.  Don’t expect for N#%%*$ to patronize you or your brand but hey at least your are proud.

As for African Americans who insist on addressing each other with the “N” word in the presence of Paula and the likes of her. If you give your enemy a nuclear weapon, they will blow your @$$ up every time. If you have an issue with being “nuked” then I suggest you stop handing over weapons of mass destructions to you enemies. The logic is simple.

Paula Deen–if your type 2 Diabetes won’t consume you– I wish you nothing but the best legal woes that racism can buy and I hope that when all of this is behind you, your career will be behind you as well.

Peace and Love folks

Checking Out! 🙂