I don’t know at what point it was decided that I would be a talker. But somehow or another, my Creator saw fit for me to move my lips constantly. The most natural next step would be to blog, yes?

Lets see…There was me as a talking child, me as a talking adolescent and me as a talking teenager. When you receive an award for “Most Talkative” in your High School Senior Graduating class, odds are, you were born to talk.

As a kid, I escaped in books. The imagination and fantasy created by the words on the pages were for me a life-line. Were it not for the gift of reading and writing, I don’t know that I would be alive to write today.

Throughout the hardships and triumphs. In spite of the ongoing struggles of life, I persevere, only through the spoken and written word.

It is therefore an honor to bestow upon you, “blogland,” the only gift I have ever possessed, the breath of my heart and the blood of my veins.

To write is to breath. To read is to live.

Therefore I am in love amongst the bloggers in WordPress.

God speed

Jennifer B.