I recently attended a 3 day seminar sponsored by the “Rich Dad” Corporation.

In this class, I met some amazing people and received invaluable information.

Creative Investment Real Estate has long been a passion of mine. I see it as a means to escape burdens of myopia among the shrinking middle class. If getting out of the “rat race” and setting the pace of your life on your on terms, is what you desire, then why not “buy up the block” right…? Then sell it back to the people you bought from… but in a different sequence (ha ha not funny I know) :).

By now you’re probably thinking if it were that easy, surely we’d all be doing it. But isn’t this how the rich get richer?

What then sets them apart from–He who works for his money?  As it turns out, we can control our own destiny. But the thing that most defines your success in anything thing you do, is you!

Surely there are people in this world who are content with the normalcy of their circumstance and have resigned themselves to this condition indefinitely.

And then there is YOU.
 You, who inherently feels that the world has always been yours to penetrate then conquer-in spite of the realities of the NSF’s and outstanding debt. You, who subconsciously endeavors to sabotage your “normal” only to experience the abnormalities. You-who climbs out of the box- when others are scrambling to get in.

It’s the “you” who can’t make sense of a future that entails a cubicle, a phone, and a script. You are the one (of the 99%) who is AWARE that you are there but undoubtedly knows that you don’t belong. You are the author and the finisher of your story, while others maintain that their stories were pre-written.

With that said. Let you BE without limitations. Release the residual inhibitions and go claim the destiny you so envisioned!

He who goes the distance will often go it alone. Be the YOU who is the element of sublime and not the product of conformity.