Should we be AFRAID of the prospect of loosing the reality of our comfortable lifestyles to the reality of OIL DEPLETION?

Experts say yes. Of the many litany of documentaries which cover the topic of OIL, the one common thread among them is that “We are running out.” Naturally, pundits will fire back with the rhetoric that we have OIL RESERVES to sustain us for 50 years beyond the peak and foreign use.

Why then is there such a market for the school of thought that the necessity for creating alternative fuel resources is top priority on the “To Do” list for our government? Yep, right up there with Global Warming and the Deficit.

If after having done your research and grasping the severity of the situation; only after you are able to come to terms with the age-old “denial of the oil crisis”, your next question to ponder might be. “What exactly should I be afraid of?”

With the ubiquity of oil and its seemingly attachment to all aspects of life as we know it today, the consequences of oil shortage or depletion will be of epic proportions. Do you enjoy the luxury of replacing your toothbrush every 6 months? Are you entitled to a smart phone or laptop upgrade periodically? Would your daily routine be interrupted without things like lights or hot water? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you now have a real idea of what life would be like post “Big Oil.”

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go to your Netflix or Amazon account and look up documentaries such as GasHole, Crude Awakening, Escape to Suburbia or The Energy Gamble just to name a few. Afterwards, please do revisit this post so we can begin the real conversation of creating sustainable solutions to our unsustainable problem. I look forward to your thoughts and what they can become if manifested.

As the fate of our economy and future continue to hang in the balance and while corporations infiltrate the government thereby shaping our legislature to fit their oligarchical needs of greed and acquisition; I am faithful in the resilience and the ingenuity of the common man. When we all are AWAKE to the CRISIS we WILL resolve it as a COLLECTIVE CONCIOUS.

Are You AWAKE?!