Juicing: A Fine Art Which Your Tastebuds and Body Will Appreciate  :)

my fruit stash to be downed in the juicer.

Who says that we can’t have our juice and drink it too. Juicing took a foothold in the collective health–consciousness in the early 1990s and it’s popularity has not waned well into 2013. With the state of the economy and the gradual erosion of the American middle class, people are scrambling to find ways to become more self sufficient in different areas of there lives la-me-0823-middle-class-20120823. Among these areas to be evaluated for efficiency, is the their health.

With the cost increase of healthcare and the decline of jobs– and along with them health– insurance benefits, people are taking the interests of their health into their own hands. Juicing came a result of this http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/complementaryandalternativemedicine/dietandnutrition/juicing. As a juicing enthusiast, I can’t say that my reason for resorting to this alternative health choice was any different from the above stated. As a substitute teacher, one is not entitled to those particular benefits and expensive trips to the doctor as a cash-paying patient was simply not an option. I came to know about juicing while watching a string of documentaries, most notably, “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.”

It was a very interesting movie, one that yielded a great deal of helpful information on the top. I was convinced that the least I could do was to try it. I did and needless to say I’m hooked. I was able to purchase related relatively cheap juicer from Amazon.com, around 40 bucks, some fruit, some vegetables and I went to town. After doing my due diligence and delving more into this juicing phenomenon, it was ‘all systems go.’ I started out with a simple cocktails, something that wouldn’t be too overwhelming and that would allow me to stick with the regiment. I believe my first glass consisted of an apple, cabbage, spinach, a carrot, and a celery stick. Tasting it was like heaven. It was so fresh and invigorating. It was the cleanest taste I had experienced in life. After that experience, I was sold on the concept of juicing as a component of healthy living.

Since then, I have experimented with a ton of different fruits and veggies like pineapples, peaches, beets, greens, oranges, tomatoes, asparagus just to name a few. While juicing, I have never felt better. My energy levels are through the roof, I was down ten pounds within 2 weeks, and overall I haven’t felt better. Life is Great and I have Juicing to thank for it!!!!