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Picture this:

A black neighborhood watchman who had a history of violence and had called in several non emergency reports of suspicious activity, on only white men in his neighborhood although some were actual residences.

One rainy night he sees a young poor white trash teenager wearing a hoodie (the teen has been suspended from school for possessing meth/weed and fighting constantly) talking on his cellphone to a childhood friend as he walked home from the store with skittles and a  can of tea. He immediately calls it in to the NON emergency line and was told by the dispatcher to hang back as a police unit will arrive shortly.


When asked for his street address, the watchman stated that he did not want to give out his address as he was afraid that the teenager would hear him (but if in fact the watchman was supposed to stop following the teenager, how would that be possible) He proceeds to follow the young white boy and never reveals who he is. A struggle ensues and the young boy is killed. The Black watchman claims self defense on the grounds that the boy confronted and attacked him by ramming his head to the concrete and punching him in the face over 25 times. Though the watchman’s injuries were not consistent with such claims as he was initially treated for minor scrapes and bruises and refused to be transported at a local hospital for further. Pictures from the police station illustrate that once cleaned up, the injuries were nearly not visible at all. WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IN THE CASE OF THIS WATCHMAN?
 Were he a horse of a different color the watchman would have been prosecuted to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, and NO race people would have supported him in his preposterous claims!

The attempts to squelch the truth that this is a race related matter is only to undermine the basic principle on which the premise of the case is based. Justice is supposedly blind but people of color are not. What is both evident and appalling is that a group of people have decided that the socio-economic status of a kid is the chief deciding factor of whether his death was right or wrong and rather his MURDER should walk free.

Please remember that we all have children who are not perfect and who will make mistakes. Given the former; does the latter unequivocally mean that they should meet an  untimely and unjust death? Stop silencing the race issue if a resolution us what you truly seek!


Are you kidding me??? Americans are actually petitioning for this TRAITOR to be pardoned because they feel that his decisions to ALERT AMERICAN citizens that they were being monitored were “heroic?”

Yet these people have not taken into account that the SAME man has sold highly sensitive information, to the detriment of OUR COUNTRY to the Chinese.

Allow me to elaborate:

Point 1: George BUSH told us 12 years ago that we were being monitored (no secret there).

Point 2: If as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, living in 2013, you had absolutely NO CLUE that your web traffic was being monitored(to some degree) BY THE GOVERNMENT, I strongly suggest that you GO BACK under the ROCK from whence you came.

More importantly, if you share the sentiment that it was A O-K for this IDIOT to relinquish classified information to one of the most COMMUNIST regimes (axis power) in the world and possibly endanger an entire democracy in the name of “the public should know” nonsense, you have seriously got several wires crossed.


A TRAITOR is not defined by his intentions but his actions which are 100% contrary to the agenda of his country and the safety of its citizens.

This man is (admittedly) guilty of both. Yet we regard him as a HERO. How twisted?

Is it ok to assume that just because this 17 year old victim is a black man that it is plausible to believe that he actually was able to overtake and accost this Brawney 30 year old and cause that much damage–Only because of our inherit and preconceived notions that ALL black males are violence-prone and can are NATURALLY STRONGER than others. This is the stuff of the debt of ignorance that fueled the oppressive and violent Jim Crow Period even as slavery was abolished.
People use your logic and not your natural inclination to succumb to racist stereotypes.

Why o why did you apologize for the way you live and the things you say.

yaaallll pleeeease forgive me yaaaalllll

I simply do not understand. If Blacks, Jews, or Gays, don’t get your antebellum juices flowing, then be a Proud Bigot not a Begging one. Just don’t expect to make any revenue from those demographics.

You see, all is fair in Capitalism and Racism. 

What is most offensive is not that you lead this totally alternative lifestyle beyond the veil of your prim and proper southern brand-rather when the veil is removed, you run for cover.

For once in my life can I have a Rich, White, Racist actually commit Racism and BE PROUD of it.  Don’t expect for N#%%*$ to patronize you or your brand but hey at least your are proud.

As for African Americans who insist on addressing each other with the “N” word in the presence of Paula and the likes of her. If you give your enemy a nuclear weapon, they will blow your @$$ up every time. If you have an issue with being “nuked” then I suggest you stop handing over weapons of mass destructions to you enemies. The logic is simple.

Paula Deen–if your type 2 Diabetes won’t consume you– I wish you nothing but the best legal woes that racism can buy and I hope that when all of this is behind you, your career will be behind you as well.

Peace and Love folks

Checking Out! 🙂

I don’t know at what point it was decided that I would be a talker. But somehow or another, my Creator saw fit for me to move my lips constantly. The most natural next step would be to blog, yes?

Lets see…There was me as a talking child, me as a talking adolescent and me as a talking teenager. When you receive an award for “Most Talkative” in your High School Senior Graduating class, odds are, you were born to talk.

As a kid, I escaped in books. The imagination and fantasy created by the words on the pages were for me a life-line. Were it not for the gift of reading and writing, I don’t know that I would be alive to write today.

Throughout the hardships and triumphs. In spite of the ongoing struggles of life, I persevere, only through the spoken and written word.

It is therefore an honor to bestow upon you, “blogland,” the only gift I have ever possessed, the breath of my heart and the blood of my veins.

To write is to breath. To read is to live.

Therefore I am in love amongst the bloggers in WordPress.

God speed

Jennifer B.

I recently received an email notice that a one “ikeiaconis” had subscribed to my blog.

Like any other blogger who writes for the satisfaction of her readers, I was flattered- and like always, I ventured over to his site to respond in kind. Once on the page, I began to reader a telling story of defeat and triumph, with the savior being none other than PROJECT A.W.O.L. Intrigued by the “reversing of the young man’s fortune,” I read on.

As I did so, I came upon a one Kameron something or another who stood on a video with his friend DREW, and preached to us nit wits about how he spent 36,000 dollars to learn web marketing only to fail and then dump another 20,000 dollars into a mentor who showed him a better way thus making him RICH at the age of 24.

To tell you that I wasn’t initially sold on this idea of leaving the bounds of everyday life where hand to mouth is a reality and money ALWAYS felt short of time–would be an outright lie. I even went so far as to click on the link to pay 25 dollars just to get a glimpse of “what he marketed” that would make me the money to bring me financial freedom.

Just as I was about to enter my CC# a little voice said “due diligence.”

As much as I was convinced and ready to work hard and earn the money I so deserved, the least I could do was read the “Fine Print.”

I owe a HUGE debt of GRATITUDE to PROJECT A.W.O.L EMPOWERMENT for the portion of the fine print says something to the effect of “If you make any statement against this company, if you fail to stop someone from talking bad about this company, we will sue you for $5,000 because the damages are immeasurable but the sum above will square the losses.”

I don’t have an MBA nor do I possess a J.D. (Juris Doctorate). I am however in possession of the constitutional right, as a US citizen, of the 1st Amendment which gives me the right to speak freely and some Consumer rights which allow me to complain openly about a company who doesn’t live up to their marketed promises.

Any person or Entity or Person who dares to take my money and tell me that they will sue me if I complain would not receive a dime from me.

Besides the fact the more research of this company revealed it’s true identity and its true agenda.

They exist as a syndicate, solely for the intention to take from you to keep for themselves. Their promise of marketing tools and process are nothing more than a sleazy ploy to have you PAY

$25 monthly ONLY to have you perpetuate the lie by re-marketing the same EMAIL that suckered you IN in the first PLACE. THAT’S RIGHT they have NO BUSINESS but the business of SCAMMING YOU.

The even involve the likes of fellow bloggers such as ELIWRITES to partake is this lie fest where they when over your confidence through reassuring FAQs from others. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE JAILED.

MORAL IS: Save your money for a trip to the grocery store, gas fare, a bill, or even to encase it on the wall in your front room. What ever you do. DON’T BE SCAMMED BY A.W.O.L (Another WEB of LIES).

Life is good when you CAN handle  

I recently attended a 3 day seminar sponsored by the “Rich Dad” Corporation.

In this class, I met some amazing people and received invaluable information.

Creative Investment Real Estate has long been a passion of mine. I see it as a means to escape burdens of myopia among the shrinking middle class. If getting out of the “rat race” and setting the pace of your life on your on terms, is what you desire, then why not “buy up the block” right…? Then sell it back to the people you bought from… but in a different sequence (ha ha not funny I know) :).

By now you’re probably thinking if it were that easy, surely we’d all be doing it. But isn’t this how the rich get richer?

What then sets them apart from–He who works for his money?  As it turns out, we can control our own destiny. But the thing that most defines your success in anything thing you do, is you!

Surely there are people in this world who are content with the normalcy of their circumstance and have resigned themselves to this condition indefinitely.

And then there is YOU.
 You, who inherently feels that the world has always been yours to penetrate then conquer-in spite of the realities of the NSF’s and outstanding debt. You, who subconsciously endeavors to sabotage your “normal” only to experience the abnormalities. You-who climbs out of the box- when others are scrambling to get in.

It’s the “you” who can’t make sense of a future that entails a cubicle, a phone, and a script. You are the one (of the 99%) who is AWARE that you are there but undoubtedly knows that you don’t belong. You are the author and the finisher of your story, while others maintain that their stories were pre-written.

With that said. Let you BE without limitations. Release the residual inhibitions and go claim the destiny you so envisioned!

He who goes the distance will often go it alone. Be the YOU who is the element of sublime and not the product of conformity.

Should we be AFRAID of the prospect of loosing the reality of our comfortable lifestyles to the reality of OIL DEPLETION?

Experts say yes. Of the many litany of documentaries which cover the topic of OIL, the one common thread among them is that “We are running out.” Naturally, pundits will fire back with the rhetoric that we have OIL RESERVES to sustain us for 50 years beyond the peak and foreign use.

Why then is there such a market for the school of thought that the necessity for creating alternative fuel resources is top priority on the “To Do” list for our government? Yep, right up there with Global Warming and the Deficit.

If after having done your research and grasping the severity of the situation; only after you are able to come to terms with the age-old “denial of the oil crisis”, your next question to ponder might be. “What exactly should I be afraid of?”

With the ubiquity of oil and its seemingly attachment to all aspects of life as we know it today, the consequences of oil shortage or depletion will be of epic proportions. Do you enjoy the luxury of replacing your toothbrush every 6 months? Are you entitled to a smart phone or laptop upgrade periodically? Would your daily routine be interrupted without things like lights or hot water? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you now have a real idea of what life would be like post “Big Oil.”

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Go to your Netflix or Amazon account and look up documentaries such as GasHole, Crude Awakening, Escape to Suburbia or The Energy Gamble just to name a few. Afterwards, please do revisit this post so we can begin the real conversation of creating sustainable solutions to our unsustainable problem. I look forward to your thoughts and what they can become if manifested.

As the fate of our economy and future continue to hang in the balance and while corporations infiltrate the government thereby shaping our legislature to fit their oligarchical needs of greed and acquisition; I am faithful in the resilience and the ingenuity of the common man. When we all are AWAKE to the CRISIS we WILL resolve it as a COLLECTIVE CONCIOUS.

Are You AWAKE?!

A bit about me.
My name is Jennifer Buckner. I currently reside in Little Rock, AR by way of Bentonville, AR. I am a proud and doting mother of a smart yet rambunctious three year old son whose name is Cayden (meaning fighter, soldier, or companion in old English). My life as a mother is consumed with trial and error lessons to which I have adapted well in order to improve my parenting skills.
I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in May of 2007. My areas of concentration were in English, African American Studies, and Criminal Justice. These concentrations, although they were interests of mine, became concentrations of my degree not out of desire, rather necessity. I began my college experience as a naïve Journalism student on scholarship and eager to maintain it. This was very short-lived as my ill preparation and inability to adapt to the standards of post-secondary education and adhere to the workload soon caused me to fall behind ultimately lose my scholarship privilege. As a result of this, I found myself, like so many of my colleagues wandering aimlessly throughout the University searching for a reason to remain and not succumb what I describe as “the period of great disappointment.”